Kyzer NSFW

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He's a Reindeer/Lapponian Herder hybrid.

The only deer parts of him are the antlers and the ears, the rest of his body are canine in nature. 

There's no fixed design on the antlers, except they need to be symmetrical and pointy.

A main feature of him is the black "V" notch under both eyes.

More closeups and notes below.

No fixed antler design, however I do prefer more "angular" designs (i.e. blocky/straight lines)

Deer ears! Narrower and opens up flat near the broader part!

The black "V" notch!
The only specific trait of him from being a Lapponian Herder!

Dog nose! Additionally he has 2 pointy canines which pokes out slightly even with his mouth closed!

Genital Design

An equine penis with a bulbous knot at the base. 

Can have some veins. (feat. 04)


Dark brown at the base, but fades to pink after the medial ring. 

Unflared Tip 

The shape it'll look like usually.

The crown is narrower and has 2 distinct round tips. The urethra ring is more recessed, and the entire shaft is more or less uniform in girth.

Flared Tip

The crown will spread wider when (close to) climaxing.

It gets girthier along the shaft near the tip, and the circular urethra tip stands out more.

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