about me

Hey, I'm Kyzer.

I am just a 24 year old guy living in Singapore since 1998.

I'm half Indonesian, courtesy of the mom who hails from West Kalimantan, Indonesia, but I do not speak any other language apart from English and Mandarin. I live a rather simple life in the North-Eastern corridor of my country. I am diagnosed with Osgood Schlatter in 2013 and Crohn's Disease in 2017. I also have Thalassemia. Really poor health in any books, but at least I'm still surviving!

I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 2018 with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Honestly I was just pressured by my parents to pick something "decent" for my tertiary studies after completing my "O" Levels, I had no interest in pursuing a career related to my field of study.  But having an engineering diploma can be helpful when pursuing careers, as it's a rather broad subject.

I am interested in public transport since young, specifically buses. I used to like trains when I was younger but I got tired of them. I barely took trains when I was young and they're so crowded nowadays, I don't find myself enjoying any journey with them. As for buses, there's so many different types of them, and having a seat means you can enjoy the journey, in and out of town. I enjoy hearing the engine and the gearbox of the bus! I even have a gallery on Flickr where I upload photos of buses that I've taken over the years. I got my first proper camera, a Canon SX730HS, in late 2017 before upgrading to a Sony A5000 in 2019, which I'm still using. Taking photos have always been a challenge, since I'm only free at night and it's when the camera sensors start to nosedive in quality, which is why you see some photos with ridiculously long shutter speeds. I'm not that great with using a camera or using colour grading to make my photos look better, so please forgive me for those over-contrasted photos.

Another new hobby I've picked up sort-of recently is mechanical keyboards. It's all thanks to this guy who introduced the Kailh BOX White switches (and later, Kailh BOX Jade & Navy). Though I've grown out of using clicky switches, I'm now using tactiles after experimenting with linears. My favourite switches are (in no particular order): Topre, Moondrop Tessence, Haimu Whisper Tactile, JWK Neon, and Dukharo MO Green. God bless your soul if you don't know any of them! I also currently own several keyboards: IBM Model F AT, Dell AT101W, FancyAlice66C, Acrylic Owlab Spring, Qwertykeys QK65, Hex.4B, Keychron Q1, KBDFans KBD67LiteR4, HHKB Pro 2, and a Realforce R2 PFU Limited Edition. As you can tell, I spent way too much money on this hobby already.
None of the links are affiliate links by the way. I don't do that kind of stuff.

I don't really play computer games nowadays, which is quite ironic for me since I grew up with Blackshot and Maplestory. I dislike playing Blackshot because of hacking and them going back to P2W after the whales started complaining about not being able to win by throwing money at the game. Maplestory...still doing the same shit as always, I guess. I'm tired of the constant grinding and effort needed so I didn't bother about it anymore. I like co-op games like Satisfactory, Back4Blood, L4D2, Terraria, modded Minecraft, Gunfire Reborn, and others like Beat Saber, Golf It! and VRChat (huh, talk about people complaining about it being awful to 3rd party mods but people still keep going to it I guess). I enjoy simulator games such as OMSI 2 and Euro Truck Simulator as well, even if they're rather whacky. Yeah, not really a lot of games but they can be rather intensive on the graphics.

Thank you for reading what's basically my biography, it's not a lot and nothing much to be impressed of, I think. I lack self-confidence since young due to (lightly-rephrased) sub-optimal childhood.

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